Nausicaa Nausifly 3 Compact
Brand: Nausicaa 法國移位機
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Product Features:

- Nausifly 3 Compact mini lift is smaller than ordinary lifts and is especially suitable for the more delicate home environment in Hong Kong
- Made in France, CE certified, great value for money
- The width of the feet at the bottom of the lift can be adjusted (from 57CM to 81CM), which is convenient for the use of chairs and wheelchairs
- Ultra-low base design, only 11.5cm high, can pass through most beds
- Electric lifting, load-bearing up to 160kg, suitable for most users
- Equipped with a four-hook hanger that can be rotated 360 degrees, it is convenient to adjust the posture and the weight distribution is more even, ensuring the safety and comfort of the user
- Equipped with a quick release buckle, it can be folded and restored within 3 minutes without any tools
- The fuselage is equipped with emergency manual lowering function
- The body is equipped with an emergency stop button, which can cut off the power of the lift with one click
- The wheels are suitable for indoor use, and the rear wheels have a locking function
- Equipped with lithium battery
- Comes with original French-made shifting belt, optional styles and sizes
- One year maintenance for the lift

Product Specifications:

- Origin: Made in France (CE certification)
- Weight: 160 kg
- Total Weight
- Manual foot opening: 33kg
- Total length: 104.5cm
- Minimum transfer height: 59cm
- Maximum transfer height: 164.5cm
- Overall height: 115cm
- Base height: 11.5cm
- Minimum base width: 57cm
- Maximum base width: 81cm
- Turning diameter: 112cm