COME FREE red perimeter heating FHA-RT-TKH-889
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Microcomputer automatic control
flameproof plastic timber manipulator
Rolling LCD digital thermostat control panel

• Red electric blanket to warm the outside using the latest technology of high-density electric carbon-line rapid heating to produce high temperature,
and the use of cotton woven cotton intercropping, the product itself moisture absorbs moisture from the air.
• maximum temperature of 75 degrees intake, an exclusive development of microcomputer simulation exercise our Qigong masters wavelengths produce different effects of high and low-fat reactive changes quickly clear the trail, activated cells, allowing you to relax the body.
Pull sprains, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, back pain, tendinitis, rheumatism, physical pain, children growing pains, peptic ulcer pain, hold those with rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, etc., using this blanket will have a good effect.

Size:14 "X 27"