FHA-HCREMV-004-VI Veinoplus V.I. Shu reflexology varicose electrical stimulator
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Functions :
•The world's first for the treatment of venous disorders (varicose veins, etc.) electric muscle stimulator; operation is very simple and safe
•Muscle stimulation pulse frequency and heart rate are similar. The first 5 minutes, 60 pulses per minute; then 5 minutes at
75 pulses per minute;subsequent 5 minutes, at 90 pulses per minute; the last 5 minutes, 105 pulses per minute. Pulse frequency of between 1Hz to 1.75Hz
•Far below the limit prescribed safety standards; highest rms current density of less than 0.2 mA / cm2, the maximum AC output limited to 0.01 W rms
•Suitable due to prolonged sitting or standing, pregnancy, obesity and diseases caused by swollen feet venous people use
•Clinically shown to be effective to reduce lymphedema after mastectomy
•Due to prolonged standing or walking and tired feet are suitable for use
•Studies have shown improved blood flow to avoid venous blood stagnation, eliminate leg pain sensation
•Help prevent varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis

Indications :
Swollen leg and soreness, Blue veins emerge on the lower leg, Lower limb easily get fatigued,
Soreness arises around the veins, Nocturnal jerkiness, Post Mastectomy Lymphedema

Contraindications :
pacemaker users , acute thrombosis

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