Single Function Nursing Bed (2.5ft)
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Product Description:

- Single-function design, the back can be electrically adjusted to 75 degrees, and the feet can also be manually adjusted to the most comfortable angle according to needs.
- Wooden head and tail panels, home style design.
- Equipped with aluminum alloy folding bed rails (flip-up bed rails) for easy use.
- The bed surface is made of steel plate, which is light, durable and easy to clean.
- The hollow design at the bottom of the bed is convenient for use with lifts and bedside tables at the same time.
- The width of the bed is only two and a half feet, and the head and tail boards are designed with hooks for easy disassembly.
- Available in 70" or 73" inset length.
- Equipped with single side bedrail, extra side plus HKD400

Product Specifications:

Outer dimensions: (L x W): 72" x 30" / 75" x 30"< br> Inner perimeter size: (L x W): 70" x 30" / 75" x 30"
Bed height: 19" makes it easy to get in and out of bed.
Back tilt: 75° ± 5° is convenient for activities such as eating, reading or watching TV.
Leg tilt: 40° ± 5° Promote blood circulation in the feet of people with limited mobility and improve edema.
One ​​year maintenance of bed frame
This nursing bed includes a 1" or 3" original mattress.
*If the above data is different from the real thing, the real thing shall prevail.