AKTC Elite-160 Air Mattress
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The Elite-160 is a simple easy-to-use 7.0L mechanical pump dynamic mattress overlay system. The mechanical pump has static and alternate modes as well as a visual low pressure indicator to insure patient's safety.


For the patient

  • Innovative iLAL (independent Low Air Loss) effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of low air loss relief.
  • Adjustable analog dial comfort control.
  • Low pressure indicator.
  • Medical grade vapor permeable and spill resistance with fire retardant cover keeps the moisture away from patient’s skin. Two high quality molded-tooth zippers cover for easy replacement and laundry.
  • Dual-way “Quick-CPR” provides immediate mattress deflation in case of emergency – USA patent 6,257,269 B1 May 3, 2000.