LIFTKAR HD Dolly Stairclimber FHA-SZ-060706
Brand: Sano樓梯機
Code: FHA-SZ-060706
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The heavy transporter for loads up to 330 kg.
From heavy boilers and white goods through
to bulky rolls of linoleum - with the LIFTKAR HD
you can easily handle transport problems

reliably and quickly. The SANO powered stairclimber
is ideal for use in transport and logistics
companies, retail, trade and industry.
It's not only about going up and down stairs.
You'll often need to cross car parks and company
premises too. With the Dolly system you
can now do that a great deal faster.

Weight Capacity : 330 kg
Weight : 44 kg
Battery Weight : 4 kg
Overall Size : 22"(W) x 19.1"(D) x 6 3.6"(H)
Toe Plate Size : 20.9" x 7.2"
Maximum Climbing Speed : 約 6 -10 級 / min
Step Height : 8.3"
Range approx. in steps (depends on weight
transported) : 120 -220 級

Accessories :
Battery Charger
Toe Plate 20.9" x 7.2"
Safety Belt 126"