Power Wheelchair with Stand-Up Mechanism FHPW-07
Code: FHPW-07
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Allow the user from sitting position lift up to
standing positing.
It will enhance blood circulation in feet.
The wheelchair is movable during sitting and
standing positing.
Taiwan Motor and British PG Con troller

Product Specifications
外形尺寸 Overall Size39.4"(L) x 23.6" (W) x 35.4" - 52.3" (H)
座闊 Seat Width16"
座深 Seat Depth16"
座高 Seat Height19.5"
前輪 Front Castors8"PU軚
後輪 Rear Wheels12.5"軚
承重 Capacity130kg
淨重 Net Weight90kg
最高速度 Maximum Speed6 km /h
最大爬升度 Maximum Slope10