FHSCW-T02(W19) Aluminum Shower Commode 2 in 1 Chair with Wheel
Brand: TopOne
Code: FHSCW-T02(W19)
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Product Features:

- Made of aluminum alloy, light and flexible, no rust
- can be placed directly on top of the toilet (16" high 14.5" wide toilet)
- Movable armrests and footrests, easy to move up and down
- Comes with a covered bag and plastic seat cover (can be used as a seat)
- Extra thick and soft U-shaped toilet seat, covered with a plastic seat cover can be used as a bathing chair
- Hypoallergenic material
- Four independent small wheels with locks, safer to use

Product Specifications:

- Dimensions: L750 x W484 x H1011mm(29.5"(L) x 19"(W) x 39.8"(H))
- Seat height: 516mm(20")
- seat width: 406(16")
- Seat depth: 420mm(16.5")
- Pedal clearance: 161mm(6.3")
- armrest off the ground: 714mm(28.1")
- armrest from seat: 198mm(7.8")
- Weight: 100 kg
- Weight: 11 kg
- Turning radius: 580mm(22.8")
- Front/Rear: 100mm(4")