Germany BOCK Domiflex Classic Low Nursing Bed
Brand: .Bock 德國護理床
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Product Description:

-Made in Germany, fine workmanship, confidence guaranteed.
- Wooden style, easier to integrate into modern home design.
- Solid wood safety guardrail, vertical lifting, adjustable height, strong and durable.
- Three-function electric nursing bed design, including electric back, leg and entire bed lifting.
- When the back is raised, it is convenient for eating, reading, and watching TV.
- When the legs are raised, it can promote blood circulation in the thighs and calves of people with limited mobility and avoid edema.
- The entire bed can be raised and lowered vertically and adjusted to an appropriate height, making it easier to move across the bed, onto a stool, and out of bed.
- After the bed is raised, the caregiver does not need to bend down to care for the user, reducing the pressure on the caregiver's waist. Can take care of the user in the best posture. (Such as: cleaning, film changing and other care work.)
- When the bed is lowered to the lowest position, it is only 21cm off the ground, which can reduce the risk of falling and injury without restricting movement.
- The hollow design at the bottom of the bed makes it easy to use with the lift and bedside table at the same time.
- Using high-quality German Limoss waterproof grade IPX4 motor, exquisite craftsmanship, quiet operation, safe and durable.
- Equipped with an independent power supply, it can still be operated in the event of a power outage.
- The controller is equipped with an independent function lock with a key, which can lock individual functions to avoid accidents caused by accidentally touching them.
- Using German famous brand Tente swivel solid casters, easy to move, sturdy and durable.
- All wheels come with individual locks.
- Easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient for transportation and storage.
- Can be equipped with handle rack and salt water rack.
- Obtained EU CE certification and passed a number of international medical device safety tests: EN60601-2-52, EN60601-1.

Product specifications:

Overall Size(L x W): 77.2" x 40.6" (196cm x103cm)
Inner Size (L x W): 70.9" x 35.4" (180cm x 90cm)
Bed lifting height Height: 8.3"- 24"(21cm-61cm)
Maximum user weight Loading: 135kg
One ​​year maintenance
This product includes a handle rack

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This product is item 1.2 in the reference list of the "Innovation and Technology Application Fund for Elderly and Rehabilitation"

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