Bellman Mino Personal Amplifier FHA-AH-BE2030
Brand: Bellman 助聽器
Code: FHA-AH-BE1053
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Why wear hearing aids?
Listening is the main channel of communication. In daily life, if you misunderstand the content of the conversation due to hearing loss or often ask others to speak loudly or repeatedly during conversations and chats with others, you will feel embarrassed and impatient.
To solve communication problems for the hearing-impaired, it is necessary to wear hearing aids.

Classification: mild to moderate
Distance: General conversations are 5-6 feet away and can be heard with a little loudness
Level: The level of hearing loss is about 40 to 50 decibels

Classification: moderate to severe
Distance: 3-4 feet away when talking, you have to speak loudly to hear
Level: about 50 to 60 decibels for the hearing impaired

Classification: moderate to severe
Distance: 2-3 feet away when talking, you have to speak loudly to hear
Level: hearing impaired about 60 to 80 decibels


- Suitable for mild to severe hearing impairment
- Two omnidirectional stereo microphones
- One machine with two ears for listening
- 1 AAA battery lasts about two months
- You can purchase FHA-AH-BE9022 Bellman electrical adapter cable (BE9022) separately

Product Specifications:

- Warranty:1 year
- Accessories: FHA-AH-BE9124 Bellman In-Ear Headphones (BE9124)
- Optional: FHA-AH-BE9022 Bellman power adapter cable (BE9022) ($280/piece)
- Production area: Made in China