Adult Surround® Toothbrush
Code: FHA-MM-STB-adult
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Available in Adult and Child sizes, the STB’s distinctive triple headed bristle pad surrounds teeth to provide simultaneous cleaning of all tooth surfaces and gumline with each and every stroke including the front, back and biting surfaces for complete coverage during brushing.

STB’s slanted side bristles are positioned at a 45 degree angle as recommended by the ADA to effectively sweep, clean and remove dental plaque, whilst the short centre bristles efficiently scrub all ‘biting’ (occlusive) surfaces. The STB promotes more efficient cleaning in less time, particularly important for those who have difficulty in brushing or limited tolerance for oral hygiene. Easy to use, the STB is perfect for carers and users alike; the compact “heart shaped” padded head and soft end rounded bristles facilitates brushing particularly in hard to reach areas such as the “inner surface or tongue side of teeth” and back. The soft moulded and padded flexible head and long handle provides for better grip and an extra measure of safety in the event a person bites down on the brush or head. The paediatric version features an easy to grip ‘chubby’ handle for small hands and flexible neck for added safety. Instructions for general use: Brush morning and night time Apply pea size, small amount of toothpaste to center head of brush Place the STB over the teeth so that one brush ‘head’ rests on the back / tongue side and the other on the front surface; the center head rests on the ‘biting’ surface (refer to pictures above) Move brush back and forth gently (no downward pressure) using short strokes Tilt the brush slightly as needed for optimum brushing along gum line (front and back surfaces) Thoroughly brush all sections of the mouth – top, bottom, left and right sides Rinse brush thoroughly after use and recap with supplied brush cover as needed.