Powered Tracked Stairclimber FHA-ST-PTR160L
Brand: Sano樓梯機
Code: FHA-ST-PTR160L
Availability: Pre-Order


A tracked stairclimber that helps you safely convey wheelchair users up and down stairs.

Can carry power wheelchair and manual wheelchair.

The extremely lightweight  tracked stairclimber is impressively easy to use,

has 3 speeds, acoustic and visual inclination warning as well as a range of 1000 steps on a single battery charge

Product details

Total machine weight: 39.4 kg

Max load (wheel chair and passenger): 160 kg

3 speeds (per minute):4.5 m / 5.5 m / 6.5 m

Max. stair incline:35°

Height: 930 mm

Width: 650 mm

Overall length base unit: 1112 mm

Overall length incl. handle unit: 1512 mm

Landing space dimensions (min.):    970 mm x 970 mm

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