Easylev 5 Stand Up Lift
Brand: Nausicaa 法國移位機
Availability: 2-3 Days


Newest model, characterized by its ingenious patented double movement, provide best comfort to user to stand up and transfer naturally.

An innovative expandable lifting arm  design which can be adjusted to 3 different lengths positions to adapt to each patients morphology.

The lifting arm is also reversable to allow 2 different heights configurations :

– on the lumbar region to operate a semi-active transfer

– under the armpits to operate a semi-passive transfer

Equipped with a mechanical /  electrical opening base legs  which permits an ease of access to armchairs or wheelchairs.

Equipped with a calf-strap as standard to secure the legs.

A comfortable foam heel pad is attached.

Lowered castors to gain access to electrical wheelchairs with very low bases

Emergency stop button

Perfected for patients with very low tonicity

Suitable for people who have part of self-support or able to bear some weight on at least one leg.

Made in France