WayUp 5 Stand Up Lift (Open Leg)
Brand: Nausicaa 法國移位機
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The new WAYUP 5 can be adapted for all morphologies and pathologies to keep a natural lifting scheme of movement.


 An innovative expandable lifting arm in 2 parts which can be adjusted to 3 different lengths positions to adapt to each patient’s morphology for the best possible care.

 The lifting arm is also reversable to allow 2 different heights configurations to optimize the sling position:
– on the lumbar region to operate a semi-active transfer
– under the armpits to operate a semi-passive transfer


Equipped with a mechanical / electrical opening base legs which permits an ease of access to armchairs or wheelchairs.

 Ergonomic knee block  with fabric and foam to protect vulnerable knees.

 Equipped with a calf-strap as standard to secure the legs.


 A comfortable lined with foam removable heel pad to easily position the patient feet before a transfer.

 Lowered castors to gain access to electrical wheelchairs with very low bases.


 Made in France
 Loading: 180 kg

 Total Weight: 36kg /38 kg (Electrically Open Lags)

 Total length: 107 cm
 Minimum lifting height: 82 cm
 Maximum lifting height: 135 cm
 Total height: 106 cm
 Frame height:: 11 cm
 Minimum base width: 54 cm
 Maximum base width: 90cm / 80 cm (Electrically Open Lags)
 Turning diameter: 110 cm