Canada Ultimate Auto Support FHA-HCUAS-014
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• Helps prevent whiplash by providing support to the neck and head
• Does not obstruct rear view while driving
• Designed to match the natural shape of the entire spine, thereby giving the best support to your spine
• Promotes greater comfort by reducing back pain and fatigue
• Side supports cradle the kidney area comfortably and provide lateral support


Product Size       Suitable user height   From coccyx to shoulder
FHA-HCUAS-014S     < 157.5cm (5’2”)  53.3~58.4cm (21”~ 23”) 
FHA-HCUAS-015M     157.5~182.9cm (5’2” ~ 6’)  58.4~63.5cm (23” ~ 25”)
FHA-HCUAS-016L     >182.9cm (6’)    63.5~68.8cm (25” ~ 27”)


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