Gel cushion for preventing bedsore (hive cross type)
Brand: Caremate 韓國坐墊
Code: FHA-CA-CMC-004P-18
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-Special high molecule elastic polymer.
-Excellent Pressure Distribution
-Gel contains properties of high durability and dynamic stability that keeps the product from losing performance or deforming.
-Fully compensated for the defects of an standard gel.
-Designed ergonomically to distribute and balance out pressure from body weight.
-Promotes circulation of the blood.
-Product can be washed simply just using water. (Hygienic product as it can be
washable in whole if it contains odor or stain from long-term use.)
-Excellent flexibility and elasticity provides comfortable use with minimal skin
shearing and friction.

● Size︰16" x 16" x 2.4"