LIFTKARSAL uni-Stairclimber FHA-SZ-030721
Brand: Sano樓梯機
Code: FHA-SZ-030721
Availability: 2-3 Days


The LIFTKAR SAL is as easy to use as a hand truck. It's just that you can handle stairs quickly and safely as well, thanks to the battery-powered climbing mechanism. The Uni model resembles the classic hand truck and is designed especially for transporting water canisters, drinks crates, copier paper and folders.

Weight Capacity : 170 kg
Weight : 20 kg
Battery Weight : 4 kg
Overall Size : 18.9"(W) x 11"(D) x 6 0.2"(H)
Maximum Climbing Speed : 約 29 級 / min
Step Height : 8.3"
Range approx. in steps (depends on
weight transported) : 2 00 - 300 級 (上) /
400 - 600 級 (落)

Accessories :
Battery Charger
Toe Plate 10.8"(W) x 9.3"(D)
SAL 106.3"
Safety Belt