Vibrator (Light Size)
Brand: Bodygreen 垂直律動儀
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Vibration Therapy

Generally speaking, Vertical Vibration is to help you exercise, improve the endocrine system of muscle and skeleton system via the impact of gravity, and achieve overall effect in health.


All you have to do is sitting or lying on the vibration platform. No more pills! No more sweat! You can get rid of disease and regain health. The effect of vibration therapy is extensive and suits for the whole family.


Who is suitable?

People who are: with chronic illness, Elderly, Teenager, Sedentary, Physically disable, Lack of exercise, Insomnia etc.


Benefits of Vertical Vibration

  1. Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis
  2. Enhanced joint and muscle movement
  3. Improve cardiovascular function
  4. Rehabilitation for patients
  5. Lower the blood sugar and prevent diabetes
  6. Increase muscle balance and prevent from falling
  7. Decrease the body fat
  8. Improve constipation
  9. Improvement of hormones
  10. Help the growth of teenagers


Product’s Spec

Frequency: 5.6-13 Hz

Amplitude: 2 mm

Operation: Remote / 7 settings of frequency & 3 auto settings

Dimension: 55 x 26 x 12.5 cm

Carry capacity: 120kg

Net weight: 12.8kg